Liège is an open, creative and well connected location for high-tech industry

The Province of Liège in Belgium has industrial traditions. Nowadays, the region has achieved a high degree of diversification by successfully focusing on top technology (biotechnology, aerospace, etc.).

Ideal location for logistics

The Province of Liège is very conveniently located in the heart of Europe:

  • Liège is situated close to Belgium’s eastern border, only a few kilometres away from the neighbouring countries of Germany and the Netherlands.
  • Liège’s infrastructure is second to none:
    • Liège Airport, Europe’s seventh-largest cargo airport,
    • the Autonomous Port of Liège, Europe’s third-largest inland port,
    • a high-speed train station (designed by Santiago Calatrava),
    • major motorway interchanges (E40 - E42 - E25).

Thanks to these infrastructural facilities, logistics has become a sector which plays an essential part in the economic development of the province.

University of Liège for science and technology

The development of Liège is inextricably linked to the development of the university. The University of Liège is a fully-fledged institution open to the world and to the politics, society, technology and industry of today and tomorrow. The university is one of the drivers of high-tech industry. There are numerous research institutes and over 70 spin-offs, some of which are at the leading edge of their sector.

Future-oriented development strategy

The development strategy pursued by the Liège region also focuses on cutting-edge technology, mainly in the following areas:

  • the aerospace industry
  • agro-industry
  • mechanical engineering
  • transport and logistics
  • life sciences and biotechnology
  • microtechnology
  • novel materials
  • health

A large number of industrial estates and business parks with excellent facilities

Investors have the choice of a large number of business parks and industrial estates right across the province. LIEGE Science Park is specifically designed for high-tech businesses. Located next to the university campus, it is managed by SPI. A business park with a specific focus on the automotive sector is situated next to the famous Spa-Francorchamps race track.

As well as providing economic benefits, Liège is also an attractive region to live in!

The Province of Liège has much to offer in a wide variety of areas: health spas (Spa, Chaudfontaine), sport (Spa-Francochamps race track, Standard Liège), countryside (Gileppe Dam, slopes of the citadel in Liège, Fort of Huy), music (Orchestre royal philharmonique de Liège, Opéra royal de Wallonie, Francofolies de Spa) and theatre.

Attractive industrial and commercial property

The region around Aachen, Hasselt, Liège and Maastricht has high-quality industrial and commercial sites. The wide range of commercial and industrial property includes offices, retail premises, production facilities, logistics centres and infrastructure for scientific research. Across the region, there are business premises, sites and facilities for sale or lease in and around urban centres or in the many business parks.


The Province of Liège in figures:

Population: 1.07 million
Surface area: 3,862 km²
Gross regional product: EUR 24,737 per inhabitant
Employees: 313,153
Entreprises: 25,557
Full university (9 faculties): 45,000 students
Hospitals: 7

For further information about business locations in the Province of Liège, please contact

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